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About Immigration Law
Areas of Practice
Immigration Law Inmigration is one of those areas of law around which there are many myths and misconceptions. In many cases these myths confunse people, and they start to believe that they may not have any rights or opportunities to legalize their legal status in the United States.

Immigration Lawyers is trying to inform and educate immigrants and alien residents about these myths, so that they can find a solution to their legal problems in this country.

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Visas (work, student, fiance(e))
There are several different types of visas. Applying for or renewing these visas may require the assistance of an immigration attorney.

If you have received a deportation order, you need the inmediate assistance of a qualified immigration attorney close to your area.

Writ of Mandate
If your immigration applications have been delayed for more than a year, a qualified immigration attorney can help you file a Writ of Mandate.

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a necessity for many permanent residents of this country. Do you meet the qualifications?

Political Asylum
If you have been a victim of persecution in your country of origin, and you are now within the United States territories, you may be able to apply for polical asylum.

Other Areas of Practice
Labor Certification - Family Petition If you have family members who are citizens of the United States, they may be able to file a family petition on your behalf. If you are married to a US citizen, your spouse can also file a petition on your behalf.

If you work for a company that needs your expertise, and it is willing to sponsor you, this company may be able to help you by starting a labor certification process.

The situations mentioned above require the assitance of a qualified immigration attorney with experience on each of these particular matters.
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